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by Creative Nexus 2023 03 Jan 2024

Eventually, we want to be known as cricket innovation brand, not just product but the process also. Process innovation is more impact-full than the product innovation because we are overhauling the entire setup and aiming at a generational transition and a cultural shift. It’s planting the seed and investing in the youth, just like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok did. They’ll then grow on to become adults and millennials, and by then we would have bought up a shift and transition in the way people think and see, perceive, and consume the game. Of course, our next step of ideas includes exploring the opportunity in other sports involving ball throwing motions where ball throwing applications need training aids like football/soccer, volleyball, tennis, and other related derivatives of soccer and volleyball. The possibilities are endless, but when do we take that bold step and make a move to explore the unexplored. Moreover, go through the entire process from scratch from product development to commercialization.


We are excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get here. Because just like the freebowler Superthrower non-electric and portable cricket ball thrower innovation, this space presents us with the opportunity to express our innovative /creative side and bring it to the world.

COLORED /PAINTED CRICKET BATS, HELMETS, GLOVES, KITS: This is something we’ve already given hints about and also briefly expressed our thoughts towards moving towards colored cricket bats and being the front runners in this space. Colored /painted cricket bats are fast becoming a thing and will soon be very common. We’ve already seen a few players trying painted cricket bats in T20 cricket leagues around the world. Yes, thanks to the advent of T20 cricket, it’s the most fanciers things ever in cricket and allows improvisation not just in the game, but business models associated with the game. The charismatic nature and expressive style resonate with the crowd and the audience. We’ve seen people do that and be successful. So there’s plenty of scope and room for fan engagement opportunities on the back of popularizing cricket around the world with T20 with fantasy sports, esports amongst others leading the way. 

"The future cricket bats will be colored, and every youth cricketer will begin playing with fancy cricket bats whether we like it or not. But here’s the twist we’ve got to this model, it’s great that we’ll have colored cricket bats, but why don’t we provide the customization option all to the players? ‘Build Your Own Cricket Bat’ model where people select the bat of their choice and colors they want to go on the bat. Why should cricketers buy bats which is their weapon on the field to be of someone else’s choice, style, and taste? We all pick and choose colors of our choice with everything right from clothing, apparels, notebooks to cars to every commodity that we can color. We feel an emotional connection to the product through the color of our choice, it makes us empowered, we become expressive, and it reflects our character, and we’ll be able to deliver the best when the tool we are using to communicate is of our choice, taste, and style. However, why not cricket bats which are the cricketer’s weapon on a cricket bat, and not just that why not helmets, and gloves? Why is the helmet always blue or green, gloves often white? Time to change? Don’t you think??"

A kid likes marvel character and another cartoon character that resonates with them internally, why can’t we have that kid have a Spiderman themed cricket bat, helmet and skin of that theme that goes on top of the gloves which he can change later if he wants to. When we can have a themed school bag, shoes, and other stuff. We can customize and more importantly personalize their cricket stuff with a character they feel connected and empowered. So we are moving towards more personalized cricket bats through an application where players can plug and play colors of their choice and build their own which we’ll make and deliver it to them. It could also be a kiosk in a storefront for a more real-life experience-based activity. Again, we understand that we’ll receive push back from specific stakeholders, older, more conservative, and traditional folks, but we all know what happened with T20.


Another unexplored space for us at freebowler, although we did design the product keeping in mind the baseball market. We’ve shown the use of the freebowler superthrower for throwing balls in the air. We’ve done enough testing to say that it could also be used for baseball at all levels from amateur to professionals. We need to tweak the design just a little to suit the throwing angles and release points, but it’s there ready to get into baseball.

Baseball is the second most popular sport in the Americas and one of the fastest-growing sport globally. So there’s a lot of potential just like in cricket in the emerging sports market. However, it needs a whole different level of experience and understanding of the baseball space to be able to communicate to the baseball crowd effectively. Since we are not familiar with this space, we’ve stayed away from the baseball market since the inception. However, moving forward, we feel the need to explore this space and work on the product based on the feedback we receive from coaches and players just like we’ve done it in cricket thus far. Baseball is very well-organized, and the basic setup with significance to minor and little leagues with dedicated programs for grassroots baseball development in inner cities is a huge opportunity. Also, given the fact that India is such a massive cricket following nation and now that MLB has realized that market opportunity, MLB has set up a global office in India outside the USA. Indian global MLB office is next only to Mexico and London, so the timing of the global market development for baseball is also crucial and favorable. So our next big move is the freebowler Superthrower non-electric and portable baseball thrower project.


It’s not a surprise that cricketers sometimes confuse us for an online cricket coaching company/brand because of the content we produce with cricketers. We have received feedback from some top players and coaches to have our own set of coaching manuals dedicated to the use of freebowler superthrower both online and offline. We are already working on integrating coaching videos through a mobile-based application but translating that into a physical experience in the form of real-time coaching on the field is something that fascinates and excites us. We believe we could transfer the cricketing knowledge we have acquired over some time through our playing experience( and also by building this product) to young cricketers and specific unique ways of developing skills using the freebowler superthrower itself. It also allows us to interact with a pool of cricketers with a wide range of capabilities and get their feedback on further improvising the freebowler superthrower features to help take their game to the next level. Overall, we are looking at building a unique experience center with cricketing excellence as the core focus using the freebowler superthrower to produce high-quality cricketers capable of competing at the highest level.


Gary Vee has made it very clear to all business owners looking to build a brand for the company, and themselves as a personal brand, either content generation and distribution on the current social media platforms of the internet is the gateway to success. Every company/brand should think like a media company publishing unlimited content. So our appetite for content generation, curation, distribution across major social media platforms and communicating in all modes including pictures, videos, written words, and audio is high.

FREEBOWLER INNOVATION PODCAST: Audio in the form of the podcast is crucial because, with technology, we’ll soon move towards an era of artificial intelligence where audio and voice commands lay over everything we interact with both humanly and otherwise. With a podcast, it allows us to create content in all four forms — audio itself, video of the session, quotes from the session to use with pictures and the entire session in the form of written words to translate into a blog or an article. Since we are witnessing the patterns of consumer attention and future buying behaviors, we feel the need to have our podcast channel focusing on the theme of our brand -cricket innovation. So on the freebowler podcast, we’ll have some leading personalities in sports and cricket innovation space who changing the game through innovation, and other stakeholders to find that delicate balance with innovation and culture of cricket and discuss what’s in store for the future generations of cricket. We now have T20 which we dint have 20 years ago, and now slowly T10 us getting popular. So with the attention span of the consumers getting lower and lower, will there be another revolution like T20 and will test cricket has any relevance in the next 10–20 years, will we ever have a T20 version of test cricket all that and more both with product and process innovation for the best of cricket.


In due course of time, we believe it is also essential as a part of branding to associate with our freebowler community through things that reflect their personality and character through everyday wearables in the form of t-shirts, jerseys, sporty trousers, caps, and related sports apparels.

We could do a whole lot more with branding, design, and marketing to have an entirely new line of business once we establish freebowler as a global sports brand. 

Doesn’t look too far when we are in it for a long inning!!

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