It's Rs. 39,999 INR including taxes and shipping in India. Global cost is Rs. 65,000 including shipping outside India. Import taxes/ VAT as applicable outside India.
- UPI- Phone Pe, PayTM, Google Pay
- Credit /Debit Card
- Bank Transfer
Yes, partial payment of Rs. 2000 required for order confirmation. Rest need to paid at the time of delivery. It's available to purchase on our website www.freebowler.com or you can also place the order with us directly. We'll share either payment link, bank transfer or QR Code for UPI payment. You can share your delivery address over WhatsApp if you wish to place order with us directly.
Our standard fulfillment timelines are 2-3 weeks from the time of placing the order. Given the high cost of production, we generally don't keep it in stock. Upon you placing the order, we begin processing. So it takes us at least 2-3 weeks to turn it around and ship it to you. If we have it in stock it generally takes less than a week to receive the product.
Yes. EMI is available starting at Rs. 10,000 down-payment and Rs. 2500 EMI for 12 months after 10% discount. You can go to our website www.freebowler.com and select the product and choose Snapmint Payment option to avail EMI. ***EMI options are available for purchasers in India only.
Yes, the machine comes with an in-built battery and the machine also works on direct electricity mains on house power.
The battery on an average lasts for about 15-20 overs. About 100 balls in one charge.
It takes 10-12 hours to fully charge the battery.
You just connect the mains cable from the machine to direct house power electrical socket and turn on the MAINS red switch on the machine. After charging for 10-12 hours turn off the MAINS red switch to prevent discharging of the battery.
We currently do not have a battery indicator. It's currently in development. We'll have it Integrate to your panel box once it's fully tested and developed.
Single person can use in auto mode without the help and assistance of another person. A set of 11-12 Balls can be loaded and setup th throw 11-12 Balls at a time using the timer after which the system comes to a halt after which one has to reload the balls and start all over again. Using the timer setting allows for a single person practice without the need of another person having to overlook and operate the system.
Packaged weighs 30-31kgs. Unpackaged - 25-26kgs
You can use any and all types of cricket balls - old, new, hard, soft, leather, synthetic, tennis, rubber as long it's in the size of a cricket ball.
It's a sealed lead acid battery and it's safe to carry on international tramsfsers.
You can feed up to 10-12 balls at once. It's ideal to load only 11 leather cricket balls at one time.
Yes, you can vary the speeds, line, length, angles, and swing to suit your needs. One can vary the speeds between 50-140KMPH. The machine can "simulate" speeds up to 120kmph from 22 yards, and for higher speeds, you can place the machine a yard or two closer to the batsman to generate speeds higher than 130kmph up to 140kmph.

You can also vary the length, line, angles and partially control the ball's swing (in-swing and out-swing) according to batsmen's requirements. You need to adjust the ball throwing cup's angle to vary the length. And move the machine to change the orientation either left or right by tapping/kicking it by a few millimeters to change the direction of the ball throw and its line. By placing the ball in the ball throwing cup at various angles, pointing towards the third man or fine leg, you can partially vary the swings. Also, stimulate the ball's line either over or around the wicket bowling by merely aligning the machine to the batsman's right or left.
Servicing and maintenance is pretty easy and simple. The machine construction is modular in nature. Meaning each and every part can be either serviced or replaced. There are only four main replaceable parts in the system. It'll never get to a point where you can't operate the machine at all due to servicing issue. Panel box can be replaced in case of electrical issue. The motor can be replaced if the motor fails. The arm and bearing can be replaced if it jams. The casing with Feeder can be replaced if it's damaged or dented. So, each and every part can be repaired and replaced and make sure that the system is 100% operational.
No, there will be no technician visiting the customer's residence. It's easy to remove the defective part and send it back to us. We'll diagnose the issue and repair it or replace the parts/components. After the warranty period, Shipping charges(both ways) of the defective part will be on the customer. The repair-replacement depending on the issue will cost approximately Rs. 3000-4000. Overall servicing cost including shipping will be around Rs. 4000-5000.
The system comes with 1-year manufacturing warranty and any defective component in the system during this period will be replaced and repaired at free of cost. International customers need to send back the defective parts at their own cost while the servicing and replacement will be done at no cost.

Just like any other electrical systems like washing machine or refrigerator, our bowling machine also requires maintenance from time to time to make sure it's working efficiently. After manufacturing warranty period is over it may cost Rs. 4000-5000 at the maximum for any and all replacements in the system.
It doesn't come with a protective net. It's advisable to use protective net in front of the Machine to avoid any accidental damage by the batsman hitting balls back to the machine. It's advisable for the operator to wear helmet during all times of the operation.
Nothing more. Just make sure you have a counter balance arrangement made before using the machine to put it at the bottom of the Machine for stability and consistent ball throwing. The counter balance should be minimum 40-50kgs and recommended to use sand bags as it's the best for vibration absorption. But one can use weight plates and filled water can.
Yes,it either fits in the back seat of the car or boot space of the car depending on the size of the car.
The system comes with a pre built-in battery. It's a 12V 4.5Ah battery. And one can use additional power backup systems with necessary adapters and AC/DC converting options that's 12V only.
The system comes with Indian standard plugs. Necessary adapters should be used in respective countries.
Non-stop. But give the machine a 5-10 min break after throwing every 50-10 balls to let the motor cool down. Be sure to check the hotness on the motor and use the machine accordingly.
The machine currently throws at 5.5-6s intervals between each ball. That's 10 balls in 1 min. It comes with one fixed speed of 6s between each balls. A separate timer could be bought from us and adjust the throwing frequency between each balls and set the ball throwing for 10 balls at a time for single person use.
We provide virtual service and support throughout the world. Servicing assistance over a WhatsApp video call will be provided to diagnose the issue and further action will be recommended based on the observations.