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Cricket Batting Practice Machine: Is It Becoming A Necessity?

by Creative Nexus 2023 04 Jan 2024

Cricket is a phenomenal worldwide sport that's growing all the time. It's only very recently that the term "cricket batting practice machine" even came into use. In this article we'll discuss why cricket batting practice or bowling machines have become essential today, and we'll show an example of a non-electric, portable game-changer.

The Cricket Batting Practice Machine: Is It Becoming A Necessity? 

We've heard the phrase 'bowling machine' since the first use of the word and the inception of batting practice equipment in the late 1990's. But in 2018-2019, the dynamics of the game have changed so much with the invention of T20 cricket. Plus, cricket as a whole has become much more than a sport. 

Cricket Beyond The Sport 

Until a few years ago, cricket was a recreational sport for most people, apart from the professionals playing at the highest level. But today, there's another dimension to the recreational side of the sport because of fan engagement. People are more connected to the sport than ever before. Whether through e-sports, (legalized sports betting or gambling), fantasy sports, and various other fan engagement activities either in the work place or at home, cricket isn't just one-dimensional anymore. This is mostly in part to the IPL and what it's done to change how cricket was consumed a decade ago. Today, millions of people around the world can make a living off of cricket. The organized cricket training setups around the world have contributed to this. It's a well thought out business model which works in favour of everyone associated, with guaranteed success based on merit. 

Cricket Training Aids

Cricket training has been transformed with the introduction of various training aids, practice equipment and other similar devices to track progress and take the individual's game to the next level. The training aids such as the cricket batting practice machine, offer the ultimate vision to represent one of the IPL teams, which is often the entry point to the highest form of cricket representation.

Cricket Worldwide

Given the number of people playing cricketing all throughout the year in different parts of the world, there's staggering growth in participation figures across the board. Cricket Australia puts out Australian cricket  participation figures, and it's amazing to the see the conscious effort and initiative taken by the board to introduce more people to the sport. And it's not only Australia, other cricket boards and organizations are working towards a common mission to engage more people in the sport with an ultimate vision of improving the quality of lives and helping people make a living off of cricket through various engagement and participation activities. Cricket is already the second most popular sport in the world played in over 130 countries, and yet the International Cricket Council (ICC) sees additional opportunities to grow the sport in countries like USA, Canada, etc where cricket is not a mainstream sport. 

Supply and Demand Batters Vs. Bowlers

With cricket fast becoming a popular sport across the world, there's already a growing problem with supply and demand. More people want to be batters than bowlers in cricket. There's also a large population of cricketers wanting to be all-rounders (cricketers who can both bat and bowl). These preferences cause scarcity of resources for throwing balls at the batsmen. The all-rounders have to be very closely monitored and safeguarded from any potential injury due to bowling overload. Since throwing balls at the batsman is necessary, and not just throwing balls, but throwing them in a consistent manner that simulates realistic match-like conditions becomes increasingly important. Real game bowling situations need to be simulated in terms of quality in speed, line, length, consistency and random variability.

The Rise of the Cricket Batting Practice Machine

Cricket batting practice machines need to not only throw balls, but they should be practical enough to be used on a regular basis. Some of the basic limitations and challenges any cricket organization faces is the access to dedicated cricket ground, the number of players turning up to practice, groundskeepers, playing surface, financing, coaching, assistants, technology, electricity, water, and more. It's really important for the cricket batting practice machine or the ball thrower system to be accessible in such conditions. Not all cricket clubs have limitations, but if the batting practice machines or ball throwers can address the issues at the grassroots level, keeping in mind the challenges faced by the amateur, youth, women, rural and inner regions, emerging cricket playing nations will thrive.

There are various forms and versions of cricket batting practice machines and ball throwers that aid the batsman, while saving bowlers from strain and injury. The future iterations of the cricket batting practice machine and ball thrower will address ground level practical challenges and difficulties making the organized cricket training setup across the world standard and systematic.

We at freebowler are committed to making cricketing greatness accessible to everyone through innovation to help them train like the pros! That's why our freebowler machine is the first non-electric, portable cricket batting practice machine. Not only does it solve grassroots issues for organizations and for at-home practice, it is endorsed by a pro-cricketer. For more details on the freebowler cricket batting practice machine, click here.

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