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What is a freebowler superthrower? What's the difference between freebowler Superthrower and other bowling machines/ball throwers?

Freebowler superthrower is the Cricket'sCricket's 1st non-electric and portable ball thrower. It solves the limitations with the existing ball throwing aids in cost, portability, and electricity use. Most bowling machines are either expensive or can't handle real cricket balls. The handheld ball thrower is more for experts and specialists. freebowler superthrower is an accessible, affordable, and convenient ball throwing solution that fulfills the everyday cricketing needs and completes the training experience.

We have bowlers and a sidearm throw already in our team! Why do we have to use freebowler Superthrower
How hard is it to use the ball thrower?
How hard is it use the machine?
Why do we have to use a freebowler superthrower when nothing comes closer to a real bowler's bowling?
It is not consistent as other bowling machines? It doesn't land on the same spot every time.
Does the machine require preventive maintenance and what is the refund policy?
What about the vibrations and the noise from the machine operation? Does it affect the batsman?
It doesn't feel like it's as quick as you claim. What to do about it?
Where is your academy?
What's the cost of the product? Do you ship it globally? How long does it take to ship it? What payment options/modes of payment do you accept?

It's currently available for Rs. 19,999 in India is including shipping and taxes. And it's Rs. 34, 999 INR (USD 475), including shipping outside India. It generally takes 7-14 days from the time of placing the order to receive the machine. ***Customs, Duties, and Import VAT as applicable in the respective country/region. We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, NEFT, RTGS, Net Banking, and UPI modes of payment.

How fast can it bowl? Can you vary the speeds, line, length, and swing? What's the height of the release point of the ball in this machine? Can you vary the height?

Yes, you can vary the speeds, line, length, angles, and swing to suit your needs.
One can vary the speeds between 50-140KMPH. The machine can "simulate" speeds up to 130kmph from 22 yards, and for higher speeds, you can place the machine a yard or two closer to the batsman to generate speeds higher than 130kmph up to 140kmph.
You can also vary the length, line, angles and partially control the ball's swing (in-swing and out-swing) according to batsmen's requirements. You need to adjust the ball throwing cup's angle to vary the length. And move the machine to change the orientation either left or right by tapping/kicking it by a few millimeters to change the direction of the ball throw and its line. By placing the ball in the ball throwing cup at various angles, pointing towards the 3rd man or fine leg, you can partially vary the swings. Also, stimulate the ball's line either over or around the wicket bowling by merely aligning the machine to the batsman's right or left.
The machine's release point is matched with the release point of the average height of a cricketer who's about 5'.8"-5'.9". We cannot vary the height in the current version. Still, we have plans to have a version that could also have height variability features in the future. For the higher point of release, one could place the system on a plank to simulate higher release points.

How long does it take to load the ball?
Can I use it on different playing surfaces?
Can you spin the ball?
Why doesn't the freebowler Superthrower have an auto feeder?
Where Can we see a demo? Where can we try this machine? Is a demo available? Experience centers?
What are the technical specifications of the product?

-It weighs 33kg in total and 38kg when packaged in a box. The packaged box dimensions are 106cm x 42cm x 33cm. The packaged box contains - Machine Frame, Spring Cable System, Tool Kit and Spares, Ball Bag, and the entire system is shipped as one single package. It's made of mostly mild steel mostly, partially constructed using stainless steel and plastic parts.

Is the machine tested for quality and safety? What are the certifications or safety standards?
Does the product have any manufacturing warranty? How to service the machine? What are the serviceable components? What should I do if I received a defective product? How does the replacement process work? Where can I buy the replacements?
Can I order additional spare parts?
What maintenance issues should I be aware of? How do I take care of the machine and avoid rusting? Do I need to keep it indoors?
What if I don't like the product or if it didn't fit my requirement? Can I return the product? What's the refund policy?

Yes, we understand it's not for all, and our product offering may not fit your requirements. We are willing to work with you and make sure you have a comfortable experience with us and that the machine reaches the hands in need. You can return the machine within 14 days from the date of receiving the machine. You'll be charged a minimum of 25% of the product's total cost to cover the shipping costs and processing fees. And we can refund the remaining amount subject to the condition that the machine arrives in the original condition it was shipped. Damaged parts could attract higher processing fees.

Can I upgrade my old machine to the new version?
How to Set up, Assemble, Disassemble, and Operate the machine? Does anybody from the team help us set up the machine at the time of delivery?

The machine is modular in its design. It's a DIY(Do-it-Yourself) set up in nature. It requires setting up the machine in full before operating it. And it's pretty simple and straightforward, so there's no need for additional assistance or human intervention in setting up the machine except for watching the tutorials and following the steps. It takes a good 30-45 min to set up the machine the very first time. And it only takes 5 minutes to fold down and erect the machine subsequently. One can start by thoroughly watching the setup, operations, assembly, and safety videos by scanning the QR code on the machine or the box.

How safe is the machine to operate? What are the risk factors associated with machine use? What are the safety instructions?

*Always set up the machine with the help of 2 people. *Always carry the tool kit with the machine in the pocket provided inside the ball bag. * It's advisable to use a safety net in front of the machine and for the operator to wear a helmet during operation to avoid balls hit back in the opposite direction by the batsman. * It's the operator's responsibility to make sure that nobody is in the vicinity of the ball thrower during use. *It is necessary to adjust the leveling feet evenly with the playing surface for higher efficiency. It's also advisable to use sand bangs in the front of the machine on top of the wheels for achieving maximum stability and dampening vibrations. * Unhook the spring cable system by disconnecting it at speed, changing the notch on the foot pedal when the machine is not in use. * It's advisable to throw the first ball at the stumps without the batsman in front of it to check for the safe ball landing as desired. And then make necessary calibrations to lines, lengths, and angles according to the requirements. * It's safe to 'dry throw' if the batsman is not ready or may need to change a setting. Means takes the ball out of the ball throwing cup and release the handle as if you were throwing the ball under normal conditions, and start the process all over again. *Do not hold the ball in hand until and unless both the throwing arm and foot pedal has been locked down. Take the ball from the ball bag and load it into the ball throwing cup only when the batsman is ready. Attempting to hold ball/s in hand while trying to lock down the throwing arm and foot pedal could be dangerous. * Always make any necessary changes to a line, length and angles under no spring tension, meaning when the springs are unlocked. *Change in angle and orientation of the ball placement(pointing towards third-man/fine-leg/across the seam) inside the ball throwing cup results in a change in lengths(ball landing) because of the way the ball seam grips the metal surface of the ball throwing cup. It takes a few sessions to get used to the natural variations the ball thrower offers and achieve consistency for executing desired results in line, length, speed, angle, and stability. (*** safety of the ball throwing cup is of utmost priority. Any physical damage resulting in slight deviation to the ball seating angle could prove inconsistent ball throwing, hence dangerous). * It's mandatory to keep your foot on the foot pedal during all times of the operation. The foot pedal is always under high tension and needs to be stabilized by the leg's weight by always keeping one foot on it as a part of safety practice. * Always take another fellow team member's help to check for the tightness of bolts, nuts, and consistency of pins positioning and tighten them quite frequently. Reposition the nails, especially at spring connection points, after every 25 balls. *Keep an eye out for wear/tear and repositioning of parts and fasteners over time with use, and that may also require replacement. Keep the machine safe from moisture and rain to avoid rusting. Make use of WD-40 degreaser/rust removal spay if needed. * Failing to follow these steps, safety instructions, recommendations, and tips may result in damage/misconfiguration to the machine is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The company shall not be held responsible for any injury or death caused due to such actions.

What additional care do I have to take to operate the freebowler Superthrower?
Can I keep the machine set up at all times?
How often do I need to check with the mechanical vibrations?
Are you open to dealerships/distribution and affiliate/influencer marketing partnerships?

Yes, we are open to discussing collaborations. And we can engage on various models of your convenience, from revenue sharing to commission structure. Please write to us at or reach out to us directly through the phone lines available in the contact us section. We'd love to hear from you.