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Here's What People Are Saying About the Superthrower

by Creative Nexus 2023 03 Jan 2024

The release of the Superthrower out into the world is certainly a long time coming. We have tested it with cricketers across the globe, and put massively long hours and late nights into making sure it was exactly the device every cricketer needed and wanted.

But what are people saying about the Superthrower now that it's out in the wild?

We're excited to tell you that they are pretty happy!

As you saw in the video above, people seem to like it!

Some of the things they told us:

"I like how it cranks up the speed. It goes up fairly quick."

"You will get good practice out of it, it zips along well."

"You get practice like you're practicing with real bowlers."

"I feel like practicing with this will just make me invincible in the league."

Watch the video above and see for yourself! And please get in touch with us if you have any thoughts of your own, we would love to hear them.

I started freebowler to serve the cricketing community after some of the woes I have suffered in my own pursuits.

I have suffered enough as a cricketer and I don’t want others to undergo the same cycle of struggles I did while I was growing up.

I want to help every cricketer and I want to make sure they have what they need to get enough enjoyment and satisfaction from their cricketing experience either by playing the cricket or watching the game. This is where the Superthrower comes in.

I see that there is huge demand for cricket here in the United States, however people are seemingly deprived of the game. It’s very upsetting to see people suffer without the ability to play proper cricket in this country, but there’s something that can be done to bring cricket back and fulfill the needs of the game.

My vision is to increase the popularity of cricket in the United States to make it a mainstream sport up there with basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.

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