• What is a freebowler superthrower? What's the difference between freebowler Superthrower and other bowling machines/ball throwers?

      freebowler superthrower is the Cricket'sCricket's 1st non-electric and portable ball thrower. It solves the limitations with the existing ball throwing aids in cost, portability, and electricity use. Most bowling machines are either expensive or can't handle real cricket balls. The handheld ball thrower is more for experts and specialists. freebowler superthrower is an accessible, affordable, and convenient ball throwing solution that fulfills the everyday cricketing needs and completes the training experience.

    • We have bowlers and a sidearm throw already in our team! Why do we have to use freebowler Superthrower?

    • How hard is it to use the ball thrower?

    • How hard is it use the machine?

    • Why do we have to use a freebowler superthrower when nothing comes closer to a real bowler's bowling?

    • It is not consistent as other bowling machines? It doesn't land on the same spot every time.

    • Does the machine require preventive maintenance and what is the refund policy?

    • What about the vibrations and the noise from the machine operation? Does it affect the batsman?

    • It doesn't feel like it's as quick as you claim. What to do about it?

    • Where is your academy?


    • What's the cost of the product? Do you ship it globally? How long does it take to ship it? What payment options/modes of payment do you accept?


    • How fast can it bowl? Can you vary the speeds, line, length, and swing? What's the height of the release point of the ball in this machine? Can you vary the height?

    • How long does it take to load the ball?

    • Can I use it on different playing surfaces?

    • Can it be used for catching and fielding practice?

    • Can you spin the ball?

    • Why doesn't the freebowler Superthrower have an auto feeder?

    • Where Can we see a demo? Where can we try this machine? Is a demo available? Experience centers?


    • What are the technical specifications of the product?

    • Is the machine tested for quality and safety? What are the certifications or safety standards?

    • Does the product have any manufacturing warranty? How to service the machine? What are the serviceable components? What should I do if I received a defective product? How does the replacement process work? Where can I buy the replacements?

    • Can I order additional spare parts?

    • What maintenance issues should I be aware of? How do I take care of the machine and avoid rusting? Do I need to keep it indoors?


    • What if I don't like the product or if it didn't fit my requirement? Can I return the product? What's the refund policy?

    • Can I upgrade my old machine to the new version?


    • How to Set up, Assemble, Disassemble, and Operate the machine? Does anybody from the team help us set up the machine at the time of delivery?


    • How safe is the machine to operate? What are the risk factors associated with machine use? What are the safety instructions?

    • What additional care do I have to take to operate the freebowler Superthrower?

    • Can I keep the machine set up at all times?

    • How to avoid vibrations in the machine and calibrate it to improve consistency?

    • How often do I need to check with the mechanical vibrations?


  • Are you open to dealerships/distribution and affiliate/influencer marketing partnerships?