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What is the difference between freebowler and other cricket bowling machines?

freebowler is simplistic in design, portable, mobile   and can easily fit in the car. It can throw actual cricket balls with natural variations “without using electricity” (No batteries either!) unlike the other expensive, big & bulky, electrically operated bowling machines which are programmed to use dimpled machine balls.

We already have bowlers in our team? Why do we have to use freebowler?

It can help your players rest, recover, prevent injuries and let everybody get a lengthy batting session without tiring out the bowlers. It can be used to consistently map the balls on a specific area to help batsmen work on their strengths and weaknesses which bowlers can find it hard to replicate.

What variations can freebowler offer?

You can adjust the speed between 55mph-75mph, vary the length and control the swing (in-swing and out-swing) of the ball according to batsmen’s requirements. Also, simulate the line of the ball either over or around the wicket bowling by simply aligning the machine to the right or left of the batsman.

How hard is it to use?

You can assemble the machine in less than 2.5 minutes, simply by the time the batsman is padded up and ready to take strike. Then you just lock back the arm and push down on the foot pedal and its ready to fire. It weighs around 55 pounds and you can fold it down and wheel it away once you’re done practicing. It takes a few sessions before you find it easy to operate.

How long does it take to load each ball?

It takes less than half of the time taken by a bowler to bowl two consecutive deliveries, less than 5 seconds once you get used to it!! Technically, freebowler simulates the realistic batting experience and allows just enough time for the batsman to think, analyze and be prepared to face the next ball.

Can I use it on different playing surfaces

This machine is capable of being used on a variety of playing surfaces. It can be taken to the center of a cricket field to practice wide range of shots. freebowler can be used turf wickets, matting surfaces, backyard, garage, basement, indoor, outdoor and anywhere you can practice.

How can I buy it and what's the anticipated delivery time?

freebowler machine is currently made to order. It will be delivered within 30-60 days in USA and it might take up to 90 days outside USA. Delivery of the product includes additional shipping charges*. Please contact us for additional information.

Does the machine require preventive maintenance and what is the refund policy?

Some parts must be replaced from time to time. Replaceable components like springs, ball clutcher, locking and release mechanisms requires maintenance and you can buy it from us. We have made it easy on you and us, so that any maintenance required is DIY and usually a quick fix. Please contact us for additional information on warranty.

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